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Ruslan Tatyanin is a world-class stylist, make-up designer and master. "Maestro of long hair" - this epithet was given to Ruslan by press. Among his projects there is photographing for magazines "Vogue" and "Bazar" and creating images for theatrical performances and TV programs. Ruslan is the author of the shows of the most prestigious beauty festivals - "The Golden Rose" in Paris and "The World of Beauty" in Kremlin.


Ruslan Tatyanin graduated with honours from Moscow Art and Pedagogical College of Technologies and Design with a degree "hair stylist" in 1997. Then he started working in A. Todchuk's beauty salon as a stylist.


In 1998 Ruslan was invited to work at the fashion shows and photographing for magazines "BAZAR", "VOGUE" and others.


Since 1999 he has been working as a stylist at different TV channels: MTV (the program "Stilissimo"), RTR ("The City of Women") and TV6.


2000 was marked for Ruslan by co-operating with Oleg Menshikov's theater partnership "814". He worked as a make-up person for the performance "The Mischief of Being Clever" and make-up artist for the new performance "The Kitchen". In 2000 he took part in the festival "The World of Beauty" (shows and master-classes).


In 2001 he presented the show "The Fashion of the XX century" that took place in the Manezh.


In 2002 the show "Metamorphoses" was held. Ruslan continued co-operating with the theater partnership "814". He worked as a make-up artist for the new performance "The Players". He also presented a master-class show in Israel.


The first performance of the show "Kokoshniki" in Gostinyi Dvor.


Creating a new author's course "Hairstyles on Long Hair" for the ASK Academy. In September Ruslan presented the show "Kokoshniki" at the hairdresser's festival in Almaty.

The first performance of the show "Opera-Buffa" in Kremlin.


The member of the jury and trainer in the category "Hairstyles on Long Hair" of the international festival "The Golden Scissors" (St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Perm, Vladivostok, Irkutsk). Release of the first training video "Ruslan Tatyanin's Best Hairstyles".

July 2006

Ruslan took part in the XXXI Hairstyling World Championship in Moscow where he presented the master-class "Ruslan Tatyanin's Hollywood" on the stand of the magazine "Dolores".

September 2006

The member of the jury at the Russian Hairstyling Championship in the category "A Trendy Image".

December 2006

Release of the second training video where Ruslan presented a new collection of hairstyles on long hair.

February 2007

Taking part in the beauty festival "Vernissage" in Gostinyi Dvor. The member of the jury at the Championship in Moscow. Presentation of the master-class show "Hollywood's Blossom" in the Baltic countries (Lithuania and Latvia).

April 2007

Taking part in the III International Festival of Beauty and Grace (Sochi).

May 2007

Taking part in the XIV International Specialized Beauty Industry Exhibition "N.I.C.E Ideal Beauty".

August 2007

Release of the mini-album "Wedding Hairstyles".

September 2007

Ruslan presented his stand at the Hairstyling festival "Nevskie berega" in St. Petersburg. Taking part in the International Festival "The World of Beauty 2007" and presenting the show "Hollywood" at the festival closing at the Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre.

October 2007

Invited stylist of the program "The Morning at the TNT Channel" (the category "Look out: Stylists!").

February 2008

Signing a contract on the co-operation with "Londa Professional". Working as a stylist for "Londa Professional". Presentation of the new collection "The Woman in Red" in association with "Londa Professional".

September 2008

The show "The Real Beauty" with the participation of Svetlana Svetlichnaya at the closing of the festival "the World of Beauty" in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

December 2008

Release of the collection "The Woman in Red" on the DVD.

August 2009

Art director of the company "Constanta".

September 2009

Ruslan Tatyanin has been presenting the collection "The Stylist in the Big City" in the following cities: Perm, Chelyabinsk, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Kazan, and Nizhniy Novgorod.

December 2009

The show "Beauty is Saving the World". The first performance of the show "The Stylist in the Big City" in Moscow.

January 2010

Release of the DVD "You Thought Me up" on Svetlana Svetlichnaya's jubilee.

June 2010

Presentation of the collection "The Stylist in the Big City" in Riga.

September 2010

Creating a wedding project and the website for brides "My Maestro".

December 2010

Release of the book "The Best Books from Ruslan Tatyanin".

May 2011

The first performance of the collection "The Wedding Stylist" in St. Petersburg.

September 2011

Ruslan Tatyanin became an official creative partner of ALFAPARF Milano in Russia.

November 2012

Release of the album of Ruslan Tatyanin's hairstyles collections "Maestro".

February 2013

The first performance of the collection "8 Women".

September 2013

Release of the training DVD "Plaits and Braids from Maestro"

December 2013

Release of the new book "The Best Hairstyles. Part 2".

January 2014

Release of the new tool - the flat iron "Volume Styler".

February 2014

The first performance of the collection "Role Model".

March 2014

Taking part in the exhibition InterCHARM Professional.

May 2015

Release of Ruslan Tatyanin's book "The New Best Hairstyles from Maestro. Part 3".

September 2015

Premier Collection "PODIUM"

October 2016

Release training DVDs "Ruslan Tatyanin School 7" and "Ruslan TatyaninSchool 8".

January 2017

Presentation of the new project of transformations "Stylist in The City 2".

February 2017

Start of the international tour of Ruslan Tatyanin School.

April 2017

Master-class Ruslan Tatyanin School in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

May 2017

Master-class Ruslan Tatyanin School in Spain, Barcelona.

July 2017

Master-class Ruslan Tatyanin School in the United States of America, Los Angeles.

September 2017

Master-class Ruslan Tatyanin School in India, Mumbai.

February 2018

Start a new education course "Face - the key of individual style".

May 2018

Premiere of Ruslan Tatyanin Show on YouTube.

October 2018

Ruslan Tatyanin School participant of international exhibition "InterCHARM" in Moscow Crocus.

Master-class Ruslan Tatyanin School in the Belgrad, Serbia.